Updated: Sep 7, 2020

MIKA KITTEN will be djing live from Hattoji Furusato Village Temple

on August 28th 9pm Pacific on her new TwitchTV channel (DJMikaKitten).

August 29th 1pm[JST]


Its been about 6 years since Mika's last performance among the convention party crowd and has always been a subject to be majorly requested to return as a performer.

Arguably Mika in the SUPERANX promotion group's ranking, she holds up as one of the top 3 female booking by our promotion. (Other two are DJ Kitsch and SkirtDISCO)

Mika will be officially added to our stream team and re-debuting to our scene banging out Techno, Tech & Progressive House.

Make sure you follow Mika on TwitchTV (DJMikaeKitten) and show some mad love Friday August 28th!

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