To cut down on some of the last minute madness we experienced for Escape#1. Solos will be accepted in a 3 day period ONLY from July 29th-31st (yes on purposes for just the solos).

It will auto open and shut. We're going to get a tad more strict so not all submission during that period for solos will be accepted.

If you're not confirmed on our discord (see #required channel) you will have to do this first before any of your signups will be accepted. If you're new ( @NEEDS TO CHECK MESSAGES 🚩🚩 ) ..You are default to this until you confirm. Check your messages as its an automated function with instruction. We will no longer be reaching out to all those new faces to get them to confirm. (sorry) To be prepared for solos, its the same restrictions as Escape#! and follows the same guidelines for the most part the current other "team" categories we're focusing on this run. At finally your performance (team or solo) wont be accepted if its something you have already on Social media. Its a fresh cut. Please keep that in mind. Thank you all (as I slithers back into darkness)

If you did not get a auto message when you joined or do not know where to find said message. Follow the instructions here (click here): #required

Side quest. The 10 sets of Twins I know exist on here, message me tomorrow please.

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