Its been said many times that the ANX Jpop Battles is a variant of the ANX Kpop Battles.

The Jpop Battles has had its many downs versus ups but as admitted by Director Jinrei, it has not had really too much love in the past. Believe us when we tell you there was a time where Jpop ruled over all and later Jrock, Kpop would come in like an alien invasion scorch earth style.

Season X, whether online or live-show will see more of its own variants and more frequent events. Don't cry for our Kpop Battles as there wills till be around this coming new season. The focus will however be more in the direction of Japanese content.

If and when we go back to doing live-show events, we may have a Japanese surprise for some locations. Stay tuned and make sure you are on our Discord and confirmed to be eligible.

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